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What Women are Saying about Her and the Goddess

I adore her!!!  I was fortunate a few years ago to find in a pile of old magazines at a used book store A 1990 edition of the magazine Woman of Power. Our beloved Z Budapest is listed on the advisory council of this magazine. The issue I found was Faces of the Goddess - incredible.  There is a fabulous interview of Marija Gimbutas and lots of drawings of Goddess figures - published before her death in 1994.  I really treasure it. One of the videos, # 4 on you tube spoke of the 5000 women folk songs she collected documenting the oral tradition of Lithuania - and it's connection with the Goddess and the earth ... I didn't know this about her.  I wonder if she has published in any of her books, words of the songs? Peace and Love ~ Heather

Did Z Budapest and Marija Gimbutas know each other?

Z and Marija were very good friends who greatly admired each other. At the end of her life, Marija phoned Z and told Z about her cancer and her pain. She's said that the first healing that was done one her had helped, but that now the pain was far worse. Marija was tired and hurting. The healers were coming to do another healing on her, but Marija told Z ... I don't want it.

Z bluntly said, Then don't my darling. You have done the work you came her to do. It's okay to go now. You can lay it down and rest.

Marija said to her dear friend, You're the only one who's said that to me. Thank you. I have to go now and rest.

They said their good-byes for the last time. Marija passed the next day. It was hard for Z to say those words to someone she loved so much, but as priestess sometimes we must do these things. She cried as she said it.

Signs Out of Time

Starhawk and Donna Reed produced a movie, Signs Out of Time, that chronicled the life and work of Marija Gimbutas. You can get your own copy or go to our Videos page to view the film. More information from the film is available on Belili Productions website.

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